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<i>The Diner's Mission</i>
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The Diner's Mission

The Dog's Diner Ltd is situated in Tarran Way North, in Moreton, Wirral and is very close to the Beach/Moreton Common.  This makes for a popular stop off point after walks, lots of groups of dog walkers also meet here.

Born out of passion and driven by dedication, it is a large walk in shop with an amazing amount of RAW products, natural remedies and natural treats, all under one roof.

There is a private car park, toilet facilities & coffee machine!

Dogs are very welcome in the Diner and owners say they go nuts when they realise they are coming for a visit :)

We have 2 large sets of veterinary scales dotted about for the customer's use.

We also provide a RAW diet for cats, ferrets, reptiles & raptors

Our Mission

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We are exceptionally passionate about what we do.  Ann has been working very hard for many years to gain credibility for raw in Wirral and the surrounding area, now joined by her family who are equally as passionate the Dog's Diner provides a platform for the RAW diet.

We don't JUST sell the RAW diet to you, we will help you as much as you need us to safely start your dog off on a raw diet.

We follow a tried and tested plan that has swapped literally 1000s of dogs safely over to RAW.

We do not believe in artificial foods (kibble, complete biscuits) they are simply replacements for REAL food and there is no place for them in the Dog's Diner.  All the food we sell is REAL!

We are never going to sit on the fence with this just to make a sale, we do not believe that REAL RAW foods should be mixed with artificial replacement foods either.  This is not us dictating.......... it is us giving you the very best possible advice we can as experienced RAW feeders of dogs.

Our Promise

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If we had to go and find a place to do our RAW food shopping in then it would be exactly like the Dog's Diner.

Raw feeding is the tip of the iceberg as far as Natural Health Care for our beloved pets is concerned and we understand this in the Diner.

Once you begin to explore the natural alternatives which are available, you start to question everything.

We strive to bring you the very best product that we can, whether they be RAW products or natural treats or supplements, you can rest assured if it is on sale in the Diner, it has passed mustard!

If we wouldn't give it to our own dogs then we certainly wouldn't sell it to you and we are EXTREMELY fussy over just what we will give our own dogs, so rest assured if it's not Natural, then it is not in stock!

We promise to never compromise our beliefs in favour of profits and we promise to help you to the very best of our ability
and never to 'wing it' if we don't know the answer we will tell you!
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