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How to make Bone Broth


Bone broth can easily be made following the instructions below.

Bone broth is used in many ways in particular if you pet has a upset tummy: sickness and diarrhoea then introduce some.

BONE BROTH.... I am going to show you how to make bone broth at home.

Ingredients you will need for this recipe are 

2x beef mini marrow bones, 

5x chicken/duck wings 

200g x chicken/turkeyv neck, 

2x springs of rosemary, 

1x bulb of garlic & 1x lemon

Place all the bones/meat into a large pan leaving out the lemon garlic and rosemary at this point,

Then place on high heat to bring to the boil.

As it comes to the boil you will see grey foam form at the top skim all of this using a ladle, once all fat and foam has been removed then add the rosemary garlic and lemon.

If you added this at the start you would have skimmed a lot of rosemary out and some garlic. Now leave to simmer for 3 hours.

After 3 hours has passed enough goodness and flavours would have been taken from our ingredients now strain into a fresh pan and discard the bones 

(don’t give these to your dogs) if you have a fine sieve (chinois) then use that if not any sieve is fine. 

Now return to a high heat to reduce your liquid.

When it has reduced to a nice full bodied stock then take off the heat and cool. 

You can add it to some moulds and freeze and remove a portion daily. If chilled it should be a nice jelly like this:

BONE BROTH!!!.... This is our finished bone broth that has been frozen and can be added straight from the freezer to our dogs meals. 
Guys I will be adding some of these to your orders free of charge for your dogs to try.





We have noticed a wave of people since the lockdown, super stressed out because their dogs aren't eating their food 😫
Soooo thought I would do a little post to help you guys out with some hints and tips. Do bare in mind that everyone has gone from normal lives to being stuck in, some dogs love the company, but some dogs will struggle to the change in their routine and wonder when you are going back to work 🤣 seriously though.................. and most importantly, they pick up on how we are feeling.
Weather also has a massive impact on the way dogs eat, so bear that in mind too.
Hot Weather = Poor Appetite in many dogs.
It's been all round crazy but here's a few things you can try...
* Drop meals down to one meal.
* Try feeding frozen/semi frozen. This is totally safe & will cool them down on hot days.
* Give the dog 15mins on its own to eat, if it doesn't then take it up and feed again the next meal. This can go on for several days sometimes and a dog will be perfectly fine.
Do remember though that dogs are built and designed for feast or famine, they are not like us and when we make this mistake and humanise them, it can be extremely worrying for the owner.
If you are raw feeding this applies even more because you are feeding a species appropriate diet so if your dog turns its food down every now and then then this may just be them doing what their body is telling them to do. Always remember a dog will NEVER starve its self unless there is a serious medical condition and usually using the 15 minute rule above, dogs tend crack after day 3.
* DO NOT feed any treats or bits if your dog hasn't had its meal. You have to treat them like kids so feed the treats and bits after the dog has had its dinner as a reward for eating.
*Whoever usually feeds the dog then stop and let someone else take over in the household. Dogs can pick up on everything from us from the worrying we do to the stressed energy that's coming off us when they don't eat and our body language.
We can get ourselves that worked up over dogs not eating that it can put the dog right of its food.
*NEVER leave their bowl down!... You know when you go to a restaurant, you have finished your meal & 10 mins later the plate is still there and it's now making you feel sick because the waiter/waitress hasn't taken it away ? Yep well this is the exact same with our dogs so again stick with 15 mins.
* Bone Broth poured on top of meals can help encourage them to eat (we stock bone broth)
*Cbd oil is another one that's safe for dogs and can encourage appetite but I would be using this as your very last resort.
Really hope this little post has helped with anyone who's been a bit worried over this .
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