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'The Dog's Dinner ' book - A simple a straightforward guide to raw feeding with confidence, available HERE
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Click HERE to learn more about this diet by exploring our extensive raw feeding website :)
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Apex Care/Natural Flea/Tick/Skin
Billy No Mates/ Natural Flea
Coconut Oil/Dietary
Garlic Tablets/Pest Control
Golden Paste/Turmeric/Mobility
Joint Aid/Joints/Arthritis/Mobility
Neem Oil/Skin/Flea & Tick
Skullcap & Valerian/Calming
Slippery Elm/Tree Barks/Digestion
Smartbarf/Raw Food Supplement
Valerian Compound/Calming
VermX/Natural Wormer
Vet's Best/Natural Spot On/Flea
Our Team Page:
There are quite a few of us!  Starting with the Ridyard family the Directors are Husband & Wife; Ann & Chris.   Sophie & Zak, their grown up children are also directors.

Ann, Sophie,  and Zak are all RAW advisors. 

Employees include:

Ian Rooney who is a RAW advisor and long term partner to Sophie.

Declan Woods, a trainee advisor and counter/general assistant.

Jean Paul Hitchmough, raw advisor and general assistant.

Simon Haliday, freezer manager/general assistant.

Kieran Uytendhal, counter/general assistant.

David Piercy, general assistant.

Sam Cargill, Saturday Person/part time.

Lee Jones, general assistant/part time.

Morgan Parker, Saturday person

Each and every team member helps to ensure that the Diner runs smoothly.
The Dog's Diner Ltd is situated in Tarran Way North, in Moreton, Wirral and is very close to the beach/Moreton Common.  This makes for a popular stop off point after walks, lots of groups of dog walkers also meet here.

Born out of passion and driven by dedication, it is a large walk in shop with an amazing amount of RAW products, natural remedies and natural treats, all under one roof.

There is a private car park, toilet facilities & coffee machine!

Dogs are very welcome in the Diner and owners say they go nuts when they realise they are coming for a visit :)

We have 2 large sets of veterinary scales dotted about for the customer's use.

We also provide a RAW diet for cats, ferrets, reptiles & raptors

The Dog's Diner is
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We are exceptionally passionate about what we do
Ann has been working very hard for many years to gain credibility for raw in Wirral and the surrounding area, now joined by her family who are equally as passionate the Dog's Diner provides a platform for the RAW diet.

We don't JUST sell the RAW diet to you, we will help you as much as you need us to safely start your dog off on a raw diet.

We follow a tried and tested plan that has swapped literally 1000s of dogs safely over to RAW.

We do not believe in artificial foods (kibble, complete biscuits) they are simply replacements for REAL food and there is no place for them in the Dog's Diner.  All the food we sell is REAL!

We are never going to sit on the fence with this just to make a sale, we do not believe that REAL RAW foods should be mixed with artificial replacement foods either.  This is not us dictating.......... it is us giving you the very best possible advice we can as experienced RAW feeders of dogs.

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If we had to go and find a place to do our RAW food shopping in then it would be exactly like the Dog's Diner.

Raw feeding is the tip of the iceberg as far as Natural Health Care for our beloved pets is concerned and we understand this in the Diner.

Once you begin to explore the natural alternatives which are available, you start to question everything.

We strive to bring you the very best product that we can, whether they be RAW products or natural treats or supplements, you can rest assured if it is on sale in the Diner, it has passed mustard!

If we wouldn't give it to our own dogs then we certainly wouldn't sell it to you and we are EXTREMELY fussy over just what we will give our own dogs, so rest assured if it's not Natural, then it is not in stock!

We promise to never compromise our beliefs in favour of profits and we promise to help you to the very best of our ability
and never to 'wing it' if we don't know the answer we will tell you!

History of the Diner
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Ann Ridyard wrote the first of the 'Dog's Dinner' books in 2007.  It was a simple introduction to raw feeding, which sold moderately well considering it was an expensive, hard back book, with full colour bleed photographs and not a great deal of information! 

Ann was however truly engrossed in the RAW world by now, having seen the differences that raw feeding had made to her Husband's client's dogs (Chris was a professional groomer) their own dogs, their friends dogs, she set out to spread the word and the best way was through the internet..........
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Wirral's 1st dedicated RAW feeding store was opened in August 2013, in the tiniest shop you have ever seen! Despite this we crammed as many freezers into the space we had.  Our tiny toilet doubled up as our office and stock room!  We now fondly call it  'The Hole in the Wall'!  Within months of opening we knew ( I say we, as by now my son Zak was a partner) that we were definitely going to need a bigger place!
We opened the tiny Dog's Diner in Wallasey in August 2013, but just 4 months later, in December we began to view bigger properties.  My daughter Sophie was now also a partner, our kids had grown up with RAW, so this seemed to all be part of the journey we were making together, as a family.  Never had something seemed so important, as we knew we could not continue to grow the business in a 'Hole in the Wall'.

We were offered shops and we viewed many and had almost lost heart in finding the perfect location and then Chris found it! Right under our nose in Moreton.  We set about agreeing terms and making the changes we needed to make this wonderful new place our own. The new Dog's Diner seemed Massive after what we had been used to!  We couldn't have been happier!

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In 2008, Ann published her raw learning website and this went on to reach 1000s of people, it was and still is being used as a learning point by raw social groups and sites.

Later in 2008, 'The Dog's Dinner - Revisited' was published and sales were very impressive, it still remains one of the most popular raw books available.

Ann spent years on the internet on forums and groups, helping people to swap their dogs over to a raw method of feeding and her journey led her to want to open her own 'Raw Feeding Store'..........
Our work conditions were less than ideal, my Husband Chris retired from grooming and also jumped on board with the Diner.  We then used the free space in the grooming studio to house walk in freezers.  Fortunately the Diner and old Grooming Studio were quite close to each other, on the same road which allowed van loads of frozen food to be taken from the walk in freezers, up the road and into the tiny Diner.  There was no official parking outside and it was a full time job to keep it stocked.  We just kept getting busier, but the shop seemed to shrink!
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Everything seemed to come together at once, less than 2 years after the tiny Diner opened, it closed and the new Dog's Diner was born.  the new Diner opened in May 2015  and suddenly we had space, scope and vision.

Ann wanted the Dog's Diner to be a raw feeder's paradise ~ the kind of place she would like to shop!  Now driven by her children's input and amazed by their knowledge and enthusiasm (Ann had previously thought her children had never listened to her rantings about RAW!!!)  the Diner continued to thrive...........

The family team, after a few hiccups learning to work together, formed a brand new bond in the form of a proper family business.  By now, Sophie's long term partner, Ian Rooney had joined the team, another keen RAW feeder himself, his addition just strengthened the team.   
The journey continues...................
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'The Dog's Dinner' book - A simple a straightforward guide to raw feeding with confidence, available Click HERE
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Click HERE to learn more about this diet by exploring our extensive raw feeding website :)
What a great little book!
I think I must have about 5 other natural/raw feeding books, I have always been interested, but have been put off as it seemed so complicated and expensive.
This book was written by a fellow pet owner and it shows and shines throughout the book, such a refreshing change for me I finally took the plunge, been feeding raw for 5 months now and it is so simple, thanks to this book and this site.
James Fuller

I had been interested in raw feeding for a while,
I own two dogs, Molly aged 6 and Herby aged 8, both Labradors and both constantly in need of vet treatment for one mInor reason or another (minor illnesses, but huge vet bills)
I had read so much on the internet about the difference feeding a raw diet could make, but didn't know where to start. 
This book made it all so easy, with the added resources and information on this site backing it all up, I decided to give it a go.That was 9 months ago and I am pleased to say we haven't had to go back to the vet once, with either dog and they look so much better.
I was very sceptical about this diet, but now I am a believer, I tell all my friends and have lent them this book and 2 of them are now trying this method for themselves, my friend Jane has a GSD who has constant digestion issues and was really skinny, 4 weeks on this diet and she looks marvellous and Jane can actually pick up her poos, using the poo bags - before it was like picking up custard!
All I can say is this book has saved me £s already and Jane couldn't be happier either, every dog owner should read this book and follow the diet, it cost me a little more in food for them, but could save me thousands long term, so thank you Ann Ridyard, for opening my eyes, it's all just common sense really.
Amanda Billington
The best raw food shop anywhere - we do a 160 mile round trip to get our dog food here. The team are very friendly and knowledgeable - any questions at all and they take the time to talk things through with you. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Jackie Wallace

I live in Oswestry and was working in the area yesterday so called in. Wow I was so impressed. Not only with the selection available but the staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I will be in the area again and when I do I shall be stocking up. Great place!
Kelly Anne

Amazing! The best raw feeding place I've ever been everyone's so helpful with me and my two dogs! Wouldn't g
o anywhere else for my food
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We had no sooner settled in to the new place before the unit next door to us became available and unbelievably, what had once seemed so huge, suddenly again felt very small.  It seemed like fate & the unit next to us was now empty and just begging to be filled with walk in freezers!!
So......... Only months after we moved, we expanded!!  We now have a small army of walk in freezers which feed Dog's Diner, all housed in their own separate storage unit, next door.

Keeping the Diner full is not as difficult as it used to be and we are now able to do it all under cover, no more pallet drops on pavements in the pouring rain! Work continues in the unit next door but it is now fully functional and gives us the storage space we so desperately needed to grow the business.

We have one or two more plans for the Dog's Diner but we couldn't be happier with our new location........... onwards & upwards.